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December 30th, 2016


Our Retirees are so proud to be an important part of the Orlando Police Department’s history.

  • A new police department is being constructed. We are looking forward to seeing the new and improved facility. The future is home of our officers and employees will be a welcome addition.
  • The Orlando Police Department is very actively involved and in contact with the retirees throughout the year. The newsletter published by the Retirees contained current news by both the active employees and those retired and a few alumni who left for various reasons.
  • The department supports and attends several retiree events during the year. We have two reunions, one in Orlando and one in Blue Ridge, Ga. There are also various meetings locally for those who live in the Orlando area or the Blue Ridge area. OPD welcomes the retirees to participate in many fund raisers and other community event held throughout the year. We continue to be a major participate in OPD’s history.
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The OPD Retiree’s Association is devoted to all the wonderful men and women, both civilian and sworn, who have served the Orlando Police Department. This association was created to keep them close to the OPD family and give them opportunities to contribute to its future.